Our Philosophy

Taking Your Business 

To The Top


While maintaining the standard core package of our services, we are open and encourage the original and individual project discussions of our clients and support their implementation through professional solutions based on both traditional and unconventional approaches.

We share the concept that our clients any intelligent practice and experiments may be turned to a mutual achievement. 


In today’s world one has to run faster to stay in the same place. We accepted that challenge and build our operations in a way to adapt and use most recent methodologies, studies, research tools and innovative solutions to address our clients’ needs and foster their further development. 


Marketing is becoming a battle where competing sides bid more on information rather than on sales power. Being affiliated with ARMINFO news agency, M-Info maintain a unique and powerful competitive advantage in Armenian market through access to historical data, analysis and researches for a period of last 20 years, as well as enjoys close relationships with mass media channels. At the same time, M-Info is one of the few registered entities that exchanges structured business information and provide business information reports for and to Armenian companies through its partners - prominent players in the global business reference solutions industry.