Brand is a word, which displays the

      most extraordinary strength and power.” 

               Georges LEWI

Having only twenty years old history the notion of branding became the controversial phenomena and paradox of the economy while its management becomes a thoughtful strategic process.

Strong brands can be compared to religions. Recall that all religions started with expansive promotion of value systems that were differing with the ones existing at the time. Though all religions were initially perceived as being deviant and had contentious reputations, they succeed in creating proselytes and developed into what they are now.

Intelligently developed and managed brand is the awards of company’s long term success and the exceptional pre-requisite of competitive advantage as the main strategic mission of brand is to approach the client to the company and to make him loyal it. 

However the brand was not born known, it becomes known. The strategic concept development of brand is a creative process which is founded on the diagnostic of its constitutive elements and on the analysis of company’s overall strategy. It needs time, serious professional analysis, elaborations and relevant promotional actions in order to create the brand – a symbol of product or service that signifies a value, becomes a sign of positive evaluation and thus impel the customer to pay more for branded product or service.