Researches on Banking / Financial market

Research is what I am doing when      

I don't know what I'm doing.

                               Werner von Braun

Based on its founder’s ARMINFO’s the periodic (quarterly) products on Armenian banking and financial markets, M-Info performs customised analysis and expands those into profound research offering  focusing on particular issues and fields as requested by its clients. 

M-Info’s researches in banking and finance markets of Armenia covers such issues as:

  • Analysis of rates, prices and terms of banking and other financial services and products of the financial institutions working in Armenia
  • Benchmarking and ranking of banks and non-bank financial institutions based on the 
    • availability,
    • volume of services,
    • number of clients,
    • financial indicators,
    • profitability of services
    • etc.

  • Banks' financial activity and profitability analysis.

M-Info has an access to 24-year old ARMINFO’s archive of the files and unpublished materials on this subject. This is a unique asset for Armenia’s condition which has relatively recent and short history of banking and financial system.

                                                                            Analysis are provided by quarter.